Friday, February 26, 2010

As I watch neighbours on my own at my aunties...

As I sit here alone in my aunties house I am yet again at a loss as to what to blog about, I am feeling so incredibly uninspired this past week. 
I feel like there is so much drama going on around me; when there isn't really that much, personally my life is dead still. I fear I am falling into a slump at the moment so has anyone got any tips? 
And I'd love for you to send me a bunch of comments and make me smile :)
"and here we go again with all the things we said and not a minute spent to think that we'd regret. So were just taking back these words and hold our breath, forget the things we swore we meant"

3 little voices:

Elfie said...

The perfect way to get out of that slump is to go rollerblading :)

Or just go to your closest park and swing on the swing and think of all the marvelous things you could be doing. Then go and do those things. And everything will be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

this qoute reminds me of my ex i jst dnt wnt to remmbr nethng.


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

I'm going ice skating tonight so that should be good :)

Yea the quote's from a paramore song. I was listening to the song while I was writing the post and it seemed to fit ❤


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