Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the bloggers anonymous tag

Thanx to Lauren for the bloggers anonymous tag :)

There aren't really any rules of the bloggers anonymous tag, except, introduce/describe yourself and then tag it on to three people.

Hey Maly here,
So most of you would now know I hate about me's because they are hard. (no mollie DO NOT go there)
So I guess I will start with; I was born in 1994 in Canada and I now live in South Australia.
I have a pretty boring life, but I write this blog which is the highlight of my day. Somehow, I don't know how, I have got 22 followers and over 1000 views. (:O) 
I am addicted to twitter. I love Demi Lovato and am recently obsessed with a new Aussie singer Tom Jordan.
Music is love. Music is life. Music is sanity.
It is an indescribable feeling I get when I am singing. It's like the world just clicks into place. It just all works.
Most people don't know me very well. 
They know my quiet shell, the mature, sensible and a little bit shy Malyssa. But not my friends, my friends know that I am truly insane, quite immature and completely unreasonable.
But they know this because they are special. 
I am a total TV junkie as well. I watch at least an hour and a half of tellie every night.

So I hope that isn't as bad for you as for me. :P
Although I do like the idea of the tag.
I want to get to know all of you better so tell me about yourself. 

5 little voices:

mollie.mae said...

bahaha too late Maly I went there :D

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

haha I knew you would when I realized i went to change it to tricky but I thort Id let you have ur chuckle haha :P

Mollie said...

Stacey: "Why aren't you laughing it's funny?!"
Maly: "Mollie doesn't laugh she chuckles"
You going to school tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna steal it.. now. (if you don't mind Maly) comment if you don't


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

course i want u to do it :)


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