Sunday, March 28, 2010

I wanna be better. I wanna do better.

Earlier I watched Step up. This scene is so intense and sad but I find it really inspiring too. I remember I saw it in the movies I was balling when Skinny died.

Tyler: I just hate to see you beat yourself up like this.

Mac: I’m beating myself up? Ty we been beating ourselves up way before skinny d- 
Look skinny’s dead, he's gone. My little brothers gone and that’s on me Ty I know that. 
I ain’t stupid all the partying, stealing cars, messing around don’t you think I know that’s a bunch of bull.

Tyler: Mac we’re doing the best we can.

Mac: You really believe that? You really think this is the best we can be?

Tyler: No

Mac: I wanna be better. I wanna do better.

Tyler: Nah you’re right.

Mac: Gotta do it for ma mums and for skinny.

Tyler: For skinny.

5 little voices:

mollie.mae said...

While I read this I was playing the scene out in my head. This is my favourite part in the movie <3

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...


speaking of movies...
sigh at the magic of Lena and costos in sisterhood...

~Abby~ said...

My step-sister used to watch Step Up (then Step Up 2) every night. Sometimes while even getting ready for school in the mornings. ;)

Anonymous said...

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ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

We don't monetize 7things. Sorry. :)


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