Saturday, April 17, 2010

7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7...

Me and Maly were tagged by Abby to do a very simple tag, just list 7 things about yourself. (That maybe your followers wouldn't know.) We've decided to do 3 facts each about ourselves and then tell you one things that we both share...

Mollie's 3:

1. My little mini foxterrier dog has 4 names, Brutis Franklin Noah Henry, but we just call him Brutis

2. When I read books, if I get to a boring part I just skip until I see the characters having a conversation. I know it's a bad habit, but I just can't help but do it.

3. My room is never clean. Seriously you should see it right now, I can't even see the floor. It's part out of laziness and half out of tormenting my mum (which I do allot). On my floor there is currently a blanket, my half unpacked bag from last weekend, clothes, clothes and more clothes, shoes and pillows :D

Maly's 3:

1. I love Elephants! :) check out my mate from Phuket... 
I saw him in the airport gift shop and had to buy him. He lives on my bedside table and faces my door which is supposed to bring good luck :)

2. I am pretty superstitious. I don't exactly believe that the things will happen but I still do all the things like lift my feet going over a train track and hold my breath when we go past cemeteries (unless it's the massive one in Adelaide I'd rather get possessed by ghosties than die by being out of breath... haha) and I like to wish when I blow away my eyelashes.

3. I am know as Messy at work not because when I work I make a mess but because I always seem to end up with food, water, oil, bleach, etc on me. One time when I had only been working there a few months I had to clean the whipped cream bottle, (You know the ones with the gas and nosle and stuff) having never emptied it before I then proceed to take the top off spraying whipped cream ALL OVER ME! I tell ya I smelled great that day haha. So turns out you have to hold the handle/lever thing down to empty out all the left over gas before opening it :P

One we share: M&M have known each other since year 8. We were vague friends for about a year. We exchanged numbers and texted about TV shows we both watched (Gossip Girl, Bones) or a book series we love (Angus thongs and full-frontal snogging series by Louise Rennison). Some crap went down in my friendship group so I started to hang out with Mollie's, Best friendless for a long time. People always seemed to come in and out of our friendship circle and finally we were best friends marking the start of 2010. ❤ Miss Mollie Mae Rocks my world. :)
Who can tell who's weirdest ;)

3 little voices:

mollie.mae said...

I wuv my Malyiisssaa :D

~Abby~ said...

Thanks for doing it! :)
I'm messy and clean at the same time!
I think you're both weird, haha!

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

now the correct answer would be mwah haha :P


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