Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greeting's People.

Hey lovelies, I'm sorry for not blogging in a while, Maly still has no internet and my computer has recently decided to stop working :( I know it's so sad /sob. Any way good news I had an English essay due today which I stayed up till 11:00 o'clock last night (!!!) to finish and I got an A, hehee I'm happy. Everyone has to think of Maly whilst we take our internet for granted blogging, tweeting, surfing the net. She can't even download any books! I feel her pain, people I feel her pain.
The funniest conversation today in my photography class. There is this girl who orgianlly came from Tasmania was saying when she moved over to WA she had a higher knowledge of grammer and spelling skills. In this statement she used the completely wrong grammer, which another girl picked up on. The girl then spent the whole lesson pointing out every error she made in her speak.
Well I'm going to go now I have many, many books to finish. I just read Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, Maly gave me the book in English today and I just finished it. It was awesome :)
Here are some photo's I've taken over the last week. Enjoy

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~Abby~ said...

Those horse pics are awesome-you got it in action JUST perfectly.
Awww cute kitty. :) I'm a cat person.
I've read ALL of S.D books!! Lock and Key is one of my favorites.
I miss Maly! :/


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