Saturday, May 15, 2010

7 Things

7 things I love about the weekend..
1. I get to wake up and go to bed whenever I want.
2. Most weekend Maly and I, sometimes one other will go shopping.
3. Mmmmm I can read as much as I want.
4. Weekends are very useful to catch up on homework.
5. Errm no school, do I need to say more?
6. I generally get let alone in my room.
7. My back finally gets a rest, unless I take Sweet for a walk.

4 little voices:

~Abby~ said...

Can weekends get any better? I think not!

Miss Mayhem said...

Saturday is my favorite day of the week!

mollie.mae said...

mine to! I get the mornings to myself becuase my brothers go and play sport.

Hannah said...

I went to King's Island this weekend (well, today). It was so much fun. I love weekends, too. ;) -Hannah


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