Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy, happy, happy, happy...

"Why am I making this hard on myself when there's so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy." Happy- Natasha Bedingfield
I think you will find we are all guilty of this at some point. So I am just saying to hell with it, why should we feel like crap when there are so, so many things that make us happy?
Just because he is oh-so-yummy.

In other news...
So who's heard of Seli's blog? (no? You must live under a very epicly large rock.) Well just incase you haven't... It's almost the coolest thing out ;) Along with Abby's, Georgie's and alll the other ones I follow. :D
Pretty much this is just because I think Seli deserves more followers. But really I need to update my Readable list on the side... When I can be bothered of course. SO let me know if you wanna be in it too cause I don't want to miss any one great ;)

5 little voices:

Anonymous said...

hahah he is so hott


~Abby~ said...

that is my favorite picture of nick jonas!
thanks maly, you rock!
:) talk to you later!

Hannah said...

I'll check out Seli and Georgie's blog. ;] -Hannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Maly

So I'm still sick.And reading this has made me feel amazing.
You rock!


sabine cara said...

very cute! yeah I know, sometimes I feel like 'why on earth don't you have more followers?!'

its crazy!

xx scarzz


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