Sunday, May 2, 2010

“If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.”

Hello Everybody,
How are we all today? Talk to me, tell me stuff... I don't care what about, I just wanna hear from you all :)
I am good. I have the house to myself at the moment, which is great :) Later I am going to make some potato and leek soup yum yum and I can't wait for Bones and Castle tonight they are going to be great epis :D This week seemed to go really fast. But then again I think I say that every Sunday, but this one went extra fast. It's probably got something to do with Monday's public Holiday and having friday off for Mollies Birthday. 
Hmm it feels weird talking so much about me. I, I ,I, I. 
There are few upcoming posts today, An epic Playlist, an inspirations post because it's been way too long since I did one and a makes me smile. And probably more too...

So I have a tag from Cat
The rules:
a. mention the giver’s name
b. fill out the following questions
c. name five bloggers who you want to pass the award onto.

Quirk: I have many but probably my most annoying one would be my constant volume changes on the tellie. I hate ads so I turn the volume right down so you can just hear them, they give me a headache. I never understood why they made the ads louder then what you are watching. Annoying. Or in movies I always play around with the volume in the loud bits and stuff haha

Pet peeve: When people use the stupid text speak that you can't even understand. eg. "hey timmy d u have 2 g 2 da mall?? kathy tld me 2 ask u tht if u're goin could u plzz bi hr tht grn shrt??"

Favorite song: I am terrible at deciding favorites :/

Trend: Erm well I don't really, you know; follow trends necessarily, I just like what I like but at the moment I am loving Black suede pumps, black opaque tights, sweater dresses, very loose jumpers and tops, jeans (well who doesn't love jeans?), anything colourful and bright; just because the sky is grey doesn't mean your clothes have to be -__-, all the colours that are in Jeans West right now like peaches and turquoise type colours and of course like always anything that has stripes, dots, bows, love hearts or cool patterns. :)

Murder: is not good, don't do it. Haha but I've gotta say if anyone mentions 'Bieber Fever' again around me I may just snap. Get.Over.It.

Nail color: Red. A very deep bright red. I own alot of red nail polishes.

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