Thursday, May 6, 2010

I’m restless and wild I fall but I try I need someone to understand. I’m lost in my thoughts and baby I thought for all that I’ve got. Can you Hear me?

I got this from Addie. Well stole it, sort of. She had it up for all her followers :)
 You have to answer 10 questions, and then make up 10 for people to answer!

Here are the questions for me:
1. Favorite color? Hot Pink :)
2. Guitar or Piano? Guitar
3. Red or Green? Green unless it's a gross green...
4. Brad Paisley or Brad Pitt? Im going to have to say Pitt cause I have no idea who the other is :P
5. Favorite childhood TV show? Either saddle club (the good one) or High 5
6. Pants or Skirts? Skirts no pants no skirts no pants no, no-dress?
7. Knitting or Crocheting? Knitting
8. Favorite childhood song? 
Follow me- Uncle Kracker ahh the memories ❤ you Tay Tay
9. Beaches or Pools? Beaches
10. If a stranger said, "Hi, I'm really lonely, I've had a rough life, and I just really need a friend. Talk to me?" what would you do? Well I'd say hi, sad stranger I will talk to you. :) I actually wouldn't though I would just be like err sorry?

So here's a question from me:
Who influences you? 
I really want to know. So if I am not following you leave me a link so I can check out your post. But pretty much I expect to see an answer from everyone about this. If you don't feel like making a post just leave a comment.
:) So please do it...?

4 little voices:

~Abby~ said...

Okay Maly, lots of things inspire me!
Awesome bloggers (such as you), strong women, clouds, books, places....
What inspires you miss Maly?

Addie said...

Um a lot of people influence me! My family, famous people, VERY close friends, book characters...

Toongen said...

I hadn't heard Follow Me for like ten years - no exaggeration - when a friend played it a few weeks ago, and I still knew half the words.

Xoxo.. Toongen..

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

ahhh love mee too Toong
I couldnt think of a song to put there then I was like OMG I remember all the times me and my friend stood out her front yard belting out that song day after day after day! and yea it was wen I was like 5! :D ❤

Things that inspire me: Pretty pictures, blogs, magazines, BOOKS, QUOTES, MUSIC...


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