Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a bit of babble and a nice video for your Wednesday night/morning...

So as per request of Seli who lives over here at Just Another Wide Eyed Girl I am posting this video of Tom Jordan and Tom Williams Cover of Hallelujah...

If any of you watched Australian Idol two years ago you would know who Tom Williams is and if you know me or twitter/internet stalk me you would know who Tom Jordan is.

Feel free to skip this next bit...
About the end of last year, start of 2010 I actually had a singing lesson with Tom W. 
It was kind of weird because he had just a few weeks before been helping out backstage at my school dance showcase (people sing between dances) because his best mate Kim helps out with the dance at our school. So I wasn't too impressed with him and I find he does this annoying thing when he sings, you can always hear him breathing (it just annoys me). But anyway I get this text from my singing teacher Jes and she asked if I wanted to do a lesson with him, so I said yes. I figured I might as well go, I might learn something. 
On the day I get to the lesson, go in, he shakes my hand (which we probably clammy like always) and I was completely nervous because I was pretty much used to only singing in front of Jes. The lesson was really quite awkward because he only knew one of the songs on my list and he just didn't know what to do with me because (without sounding cocky) I have got pretty good technique already. In all it was just a really weird experience.
So then months and months later I find Tom Jordan's music and fall in love with it, I mean he's seriously amazing. One day I was checking out his youtube channel and came across this video in his favorites, I listened and I didn't like it much. A couple weeks later I Iistened to it again and I decided I did like it. The harmony and all the little details are great.

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~Abby~ said...

haha that's cool you had a singing lesson with Tom W. :)

mollie.mae said...

mmm I really do love this

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

wish I could be watching stupid internet limits!


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