Thursday, May 13, 2010
Today we were sitting in English and our teacher decided that some 'volunteers' would read out a semi-condensed version of Romeo and Juliet to the class. It wasn't in play form so thank god. But as the teacher looked around the class and told us that she wanted three 'volunteers' to read it out, her eyes fell on me and Maly trying to look indiscreet in the back corner of the room. Me trying to read my book and Maly playing on her computer. I could see her trying to choose one of us to read to the class. Of course she chose me. Does anyone have any idea on how much I HATE public speaking, well if you didn't now you know? Or does anyone know how hard Romeo and Juliet is to read with all the thou's, shall's, doth's and all that stupid language that aren't even words anymore? As one of my fellow 'volunteer's' commented it makes you sound like a retard when you try to read it.

Any way as we passed the book between us, Sean a volunteer smiled and passed the book to me whispering, ha good luck with this Mollie. It was the 'Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore shall blah blah blah' part proformed by Juliet. Yep it wasn't a very good lesson. Then everytime I looked at Maly she would smile and laugh at me, I would glare at her.

When we were walking down to the buses she said why she was laughing, apparantly I was sitting there looking like I was sulking, bottom lip poking out and everything. Well wouldn't you if you were forced to read Shakespeare to the class?

I love Mean Girls quotes :)

3 little voices:

~Abby~ said...

Haha, I love reading aloud!
Bad Maly!
Love that pic.

mollie.mae said...

Ugh I hate it. Reading out loud makes me read really slow, it takes forever to finish a page.

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

ahhh you make me gigle moll moll and you too Abby!
Hah but you know what you got your own back coz I had to read to the kids tonight and of course they dont the easy books like thomas the tank engine or you know kids stuff they like the good OLD ones with complicated words! St-st-stuter!
haha its funny coz nobody ever knows more than 'Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore shall' that from that line :P


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