Sunday, May 9, 2010

Turns out all the worrying that I was loosing you was me expecting the effort I wasn't putting in myself...

Sometimes all it takes is dinner to remind me how much I miss my family and how even though we are all changing, growing, learning sometimes we just need to have a little time to catch up. I'm not talking birthday barbecues; which in my family seem to be every month, I mean just sit down and talk. Although I am being all d&m about this now, it was nice to just sit there with my cousins and talk and laugh. It seems like it has been so long since we were just together. 
I may just be getting sentimental over the old days when we would all love going camping, spending day after day being with each other and share our secrets, even though we knew none of us could keep it quiet, I mean we are all related. We'd share jokes, stories, just be friends I guess.
Although I may not be eight anymore, I still love my family so, so much and I can't see that changing. Sometimes I joke about how embarrassing they are or how people should stay clear of our family, sometimes they are embarrassing but  really without each and every one of them I pretty much wouldn't be me. 
So maybe we aren't all a close as we once were and things are changing; getting licenses, traveling overseas, getting girlfriends, loosing baby-faces, nights like tonight remind me that I'm not going to loose them anytime soon. I'm stuck with the bunch of Gooba's for life :D

So I took the top photo (the one on the boat) and the bottom (on the bed) and I edited all of them :)

3 little voices:

~Abby~ said...

Yeah I love my freaky cousins so much too!

Hannah said...

Glad you spent time with them. I just met my cousins a couple months ago after six years; it feels good to catch up with each other. =)

Anonymous said...

lovely fam.



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