Monday, May 17, 2010

We are all just misguided ghosts...

My sincerest apologies for my crappy blogging habits lately guys. I really have been bad. I'm not even going to try and blame it on being busy... because although I have been busier I have not been busy enough to neglect my blogging. I did however get stuck into reading some very awesome books including: Runaway (third Airhead) by Meg Cabot, Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen and I have started Gone the third in the wake trilogy. Ok so thats really only 2 books, I swear there was another...

In other news, my bestest pally Mollie is silly and left me this note-
About 2 weeks ago while she was using my Maccy :) You see why I loverr her hehee

2 little voices:

~Abby~ said...

aw mollie. :)
Yes Aaron Johnsun is Yummmm!
I finished Along for the Ride-wasn't my favorite, but still awesome!!!
so maly, there's word verification down there! BWAHHH!!

mollie.mae said...

bahahahahah I remember this XD hahaha it was very boring that lesson lol


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