Friday, June 11, 2010

Chick with brains reporting...

So as promised I am posting a photo of my top that I drew on with bleach.
Sorry that the quality is bad, I took it on my macbook photo booth and it likes light better than dark.
So this is what I came up with. It's so cool right? :) If you guys are allowed/want to I would love to see some of your designs.
I have this light blue t-shirt I want to do next. I was thinking I could mix some bleach in a bit of water and then splash it onto it either with a paintbrush or my fingers

What I did:
Laid my top on my freezer in the laundry- obviously you would use whatever you don't mind getting bleach on... maybe the floor?- got the Domestos (brand of bleach) which I used because it has a sort of nozzle bit on it and squirted it in the shape of a love heart; I went over it a few times, then I did the stars. I let it dry off a bit then i sort of rubbed it all together with my finger because I wanted it to be a thick line. Next thing I did was peg it up on my Dryer rack (obviously again make sure it's somewhere you can play with bleach) so that the front of the top wasn't touching the back. Now I left it to dry. How long you let it dry depends on what sort of pattern you want. The outsides of where the bleach is dries faster. You see how thick the heart line is? Well imagine it wasn't coloured in and there was just the inside and outside lines. That's what it will look like if it doesn't fully dry before you wash it. 
Then I put in the washing machine with the white washing that could use a bit of a bleach. Make sure there's nothing with a patter or picture though. 
Hung it out to dry. 
And voila.

Things you should know:
Be quick when you do the pattern otherwise the bleach will seep through to the other side of your top.
Make sure you wash your hands super-good when your done.
Try not to touch the bleach too much.
Wear old clothes, bleach is a pain.
Be careful. 
Bleach is a dangerous chemical.
Be creative and remember that what colour it turns out will depend on the colour of your top. If it's black it could turn out many different colours. For example I accidently got some bleach on my work apron (which is black) and it went yellow, a girl I work with got it on her black top and it went pink. Mine went orange but it could go purple, green or blue as well. 
Red = pink
dark green = light green or light green = white
dark blue = light blue or light blue = white 
Have fun.
If you don't want to be playing with straight bleach add it into a bucket of water and it'll do the same job.

3 little voices:

Mizz Ali said...

OMG thats SO COOL!

Sophia said...

Hi! I really love your blog. You're shirt is so freaking cool and creative! So trying that now... My latest project is figuring out what to do with some jeans that ripped in a kind of awkward place, but I really love them so I'm gonna figure out what to do. I'm rambling.. anyways, really cool.

xo, Sophia

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Thank you! :D haha maybe you could rip them in more awkward places and put patches on them?


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