Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I heart Tuesday nights.

As many of you wouldn't know Tuesday night is the only night that I have a couple of hours after school with the house to myself. My brothers go out to train with their football teams (Aussies rules) and my mum doesn't get home until around 6. So Tuesday is my designated singing night :) I can sing as loudly and crazily and not have to worry about anyone hearing me.
So here is the playlist I played tonight..

'Blues in the night.'- Eva Cassidy ( times about 5 lol)
'If you don't wanna love me.'- James Morrison
Mercy on me'- Christina Aguilera
'Hallelujah' - Alexandra Burke
'Pokerface'- Glee cast
'Chariot'- Gavin DeGraw
'Hallelujah'- The Tom J's ( Tom Jordan and Tom Williams)
'How Much it Hurts'- John Mayer/ Tom Jordan/ Just Off Turner

5 little voices:

That-girl said...

I used to love tuesdays nights, then Gossip Girl finished. :(

mollie.mae said...

I know, Gossip Girl just made Tuesdays better but then it ened /sigh.

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

<3 :)
I didn't have Jes tonight. :/ I had Kirby. It's just not the same. lol

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure your singing playlist is pretty amazing. ! :)
you have great taste ♥

~Abby~ said...

suh-weet. i sing in the morning. like, a lot. haha.


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