Thursday, June 3, 2010

The nuthouse...

I am incredibly sorry for my terrible, terrible blogging habits as of late. I promise to try harder to get posting more. So right now I am looking up a few more career options I have been thinking about today. I would love to do music at Uni and I was thinking possibly some kind of Therapy/Counseling sort of thing but that probably wont happen. It would be cool to do something really original like Art Therapy or something not many people would think to do. You know? But I would still really love to be a Graphic Designer and Hairdresser.
Warning long post ahead you may be excused right down to the pictures ;)
Any that brings us back to the point of this post. Last night I had a school dance showcase.
At 9 yesterday morning after homegroup we left for the theatre and I didn't get home until over 12 hours later. 
I had so much fun. As son as we got to the theatre the teachers had a 'safety and performance talk' with us, we practiced the opening dance and then our group one because we were first dance on. We then watched some rehearsals on the stage, ate some lunch and watched some more. After we had done our class rehearsal on stage we went on to dress rehearsals, after those we had dinner and after we got back it was 1 and a half hours till the opening! So we were all rushing around putting make up on and making sure our hair was right etc. then came time to get dressed and practice, practice, practice.
Somewhere in between all of that we straightened all of our hair using one of the girls GHD. I want one! 
We get to 7 o'clock and we hadn't started. The line for tickets was really long and they were trying to get everyone in as quick as possible. The line was only so long though because the theatre had new owners who made us go through a different ticket system to every other year. Finally the principal just said to all go in and they can pay at interval. (I learned this today though.) 
Everyone's seated, we are all dressed and crammed like sardines into the wings for opening. All 5 year levels of dance students. Everyone was nervous and excited you could just feel it in the air. There were people jumping around everywhere and freaking out including me. I could not stand still. 
Of course our year 10 class is first. We all go on, get the crowd all excited, then all the other groups go.
Suddenly it was time for 'Rude Boy' which I was in. We were missing two people, had hardly practiced and were shitting it. One of our girls decided she wasn't performing about a week ago and the other was at home sick. So we ended up with four. 
I'm not sure about the other 3 but I didn't do so hot in this dance. I was all over the place.
Rude Boy finishes and another four of our classmates come on the dance to Girlfriend by Chris Brown. We didn't get to watch them though because we were dashing under the stage at lightening speed to get the other wings to get our costume for the end of our little bundle of dances which we all danced together to More by Usher. We were dressed and watching as another 3 of our classmates finished up dancing to Missy Elliot and then More starts. 
Now we had the rest of the show including the interval to change from normal to Gaga. Now this may sound like alot of time. But it was just the right amount. 
We teased hair, sprayed cans and cans of hairspray, smudged and reapplied makeup and tore our tights. Now it was the tearing of the tights that took the majority of the time because a few of us were lucky enough to get nice thick ones that weren't see through but of course they were almost impossible to tear. We had bobby pins, fingernails and safety pins at them. We managed to get a pair of scissors in the end as well. It was all completely worth it though because they looked awesome.
We were dancing to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. We did really, really great, without sounding cocky haha
When I saw my mum after the show she told me she didn't even recognize me until halfway through it. 
Here are some pictures...
Pre Gaga-fying and pre stage make up.
Stacey's hair halfway through straightening with the painfully slow straightener Sophie, who may I add took over from me unwillingly letting her. It was indeed annoying. But anyway cool hair right? Her hair is naturally curly like that!
Post Gaga-fying
Our costumes...
My skirt although was bright orange :)
We got the best dressing room there. Automatic doors and all :D
Check out our makeup.
Silly stacey got blue liquid eyeliner in her eye so she had very cool looking tear lines haha
Post shower decaf coffee ^^
I did manage to get all that teasing out :D

Maly Xx.

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haha you all looked awesome!
yay i finally got to see what stacey looked like. lol.


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