Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rawrrrrrr :)

hey guys,
When I wrote the original draft for this I was on my aunties internet via my phone but now I have managed to get me some real internet. Thank goodness.

So now on to why I'm at my aunties house... This weekend my mum went to Melbs to see a Cat Steven's show but they brought tickets to the wrong show. Now that s a long story I may tell another time. Funny too. So my nana and pop are staying with me and my sister tonight.
Today I went to watch the aunty whos house I'm at play netbal but nana got the wrong courts and we were pretty much driving around for 45 mins. Eventually though we managed to see the last quarter of the game. My nana and pop are the funniest cutest little white haired oldies I have ever met, my nana brings her puppy around with her everywhere. They have the back of their car pretty much set up as a luxury dog traveller equipped with water bowl and all.
Anyway so we got invited to my aunties for dinner because my other aunty was already going to be there. We showed up a couple hours later and our little dinner had turned into a very Walker-esque (Brothers and sisters ref) impromptu gathering. Of course you guys do not know the significance of this because well you don't know my completely lovably insane family. There was lots of lovely food, music and crazy drunken dancing. And of course there was internet! I honestly wish I had videoed the dancing because it was hilarious. Think short dark haired, crazy, drunk aunty imitating ballet but miserably failing and add in an equally crazy and drunk friend of hers with short blonde hair failing even more epicly. 
You should have seen us all trying to find the moon once we realised it was an eclipse. Anyone else see it? There was also a really, really pretty rainbow today that I wish I'd gotten a picture of. 

What did your Saturday involve?

Yesterday (Friday) mum and I had the day off and we went to pick up my plane tickets to Canada! :D I am so excited.

I think that is about all I have to tell you at the moment. I hope you have a brilliant weekend. 
Sorry I posted this right after Mollie said I wouldn't be for a while... :/ ooops. I will be back to normal on Thursday When July starts.

Maly Xx.

3 little voices:

Sophia said...

You're family sounds epic. I'd have loved to see a video of that haha

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

haha well they are either epic or incredibly embarassing! hah but you get used to it over time...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a crazy family!
awww don't worry!
I have a crazy one too!




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