Thursday, August 19, 2010


Okay so for school all the year 10's had to/got the chance to do something called the Career's Fast Track. Pretty much what you do is you get asked a bunch of questions and it gives you back a sort of personality profile and a list of career options for you. I just wanted to share how freakily accurate it is... 
This is what it told me:

You are quiet, creative, sensitive and perceptive and are very good at understanding how people feel. You are tremendously loyal to those you care about and feel 'lost' if these same people ever put you down. You deeply care about and commit to people and causes you believe in. It is very important for you to get on with those in your group - including teachers and students. You have a deep understanding of how others feel and you are a great listener. You dislike conflict and sometimes struggle with staying organized and on topic.


  • Focusing on what your internal feeling and perceptions
  • Prefer to communicate by writing
  • Learn best by reflection
  • You pursue a few interests deeply
  • You tend to reflect first & talk later
  • You are a good listener
  • You need quiet to really concentrate
  • Focusing on what's possible
  • You love imagining new things 
  • Your ideas can be quite complex
  • You get great ideas at unusual times
  • Remembering patters better than details
  • You are good at seeing what 'might' happen
  • You trust the 'brainwaves' you get
  • You are guided by your personal values
  • You are tender hearted
  • You strive for harmony & acceptance
  • You always consider how people will feel when you make decisions 
  • You often understand how people feel without them telling you
  • You love the freedom to do what inspires you at the moment
  • Last minute stresses are often a part of life for you
  • You love the challenge of change
  • You tend to hesitate making decisions without more and more information
  • You force yourself to use a diary
So there we go me summed up pretty much...

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5 little voices:

mollie.mae said...

I got the same first 2 :)

Sophia said...

That's cool! I wish I could do that. You're personality is very admirable (:

xo, Sophia

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

hehe thank you :) We got it for free with school but I think it costs quite a bit...

Lilah said...

it's so wierd getting told what you're like so exactly.
I always find it kind of difficult to be examined by a piece of paper, a system.
I agree with Sophia though, and its so great that the 40hour famine went well, it's such an amazing thing to help someone like that.
With love,

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Yeah no usually things like this would completely piss me off but it was just so spooky and exact and copletely unsterotypical... I think...

haha Maly Xx.


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