Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just coz we're cool like that

Today I had to go near the city to go to the horse racing track, for my course that I'm doing. It helps me with my horses and lets me understand them a bit more. It's pretty fun, we don't actually do a lot and I get to have days off of school. Anyway well today I was meant to get a life with my teacher Mr. Heath but I was running a bit late and he left without me.. this meant that my brother had to drive me there. A few things that were wrong with this idea was:
1. He had hardly any fuel.
2. He hates driving in the city.
3. We were meant to be there 10 after he picked me up... it's about a 40 minute drive.
4. We had no street directory and had to rely on my teachers instructions over the phone.
5. I could barely talk from being sick.
Yeah so the odds really were against us, but we did actually get there in the end.

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ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

You were meant to get a life were you Moll Moll lol it must not have worked. :P
OMG I can't believe you made your taxi drive you! haha Possum was distraught that Tyler wasn't there to protect her from big scary Pavy! haha she is so funny! <3


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