Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Still so young to travel so far, yet old enough to know who you are. Wise enough to cary the scars without any blame, there's no one to blame."

In life there are people who inspire you. People who help form you, kind of like they are the glue that keeps all the different parts of you together. So to four of my glues...

To miss Selina:
My 'big sister' words can not say just how much you mean to me. honestly.
All I can say is that in the short time I have known you I have grown so much as a person. A lot of it, it think has everything to do with you. There's always a guarantee that Seli-Bear will be there to encourage me and make me feel special and worthy and knowing that someone can have so much faith in you is an amazing thing. 
I thank you for always being my rock and for always having something exciting to chat with me about. There will always be a special place in my heart for you big sis.

To Mollie Mae:

Mollie! My bestest Pally in the whole entire world. 
You my friend are the glue that keeps me sane. there's no one who can pull me out of a mood faster with something witty to say or a silly half-hatched dream of traveling the world or meeting James Morrison. And of course there's no one who can read my mind better than you, which at times is shit scary. ;)
You are honestly the best friend I could ask for and without you I know I would be lost.
I know, I know I don't want to get to sappy on you but...
You better believe that you are one of the most amazing, beautiful and strongest people I have met in my life and that no matter how many jokes we crack, there's someone to love you.

My lovely Abby:
Abby, Abby, Abby. :)
You are the excitement of my days. You have a way of brightening my world up, even on the shittiest days I find that I will talk to you and forget everything. You really do mean the world to me little sis. It's really nice to have someone so great in your life. 
Everything is new and amazing for you and for Seli and I too and I can't wait to live through everything with you.
You are the cutest little american friend I have got ;) and just always remember that there are so many people that love you just.like.that and we've got your back.

Dear Jesikah:

I can't believe that we only have a few more lessons together for a while. I will miss you like mad because there is no one like you. 
I have a lot that I want to thank you for. I feel like I have gained so much confidence in myself over the past two years from having lessons with you. I think the confidence in myself came from two things. Seeing you so comfortable being yourself and wearing different clothes and sing different and weird songs. In a way your confidence in yourself rubbed off on me. The second thing being that by working on the one thing that I truly, truly love, the thing that gives me an escape and a release from the world and gaining confidence in my singing abilities transfered into me being more confident and comfortable with myself. You have been my role model and still are. 
So I will take this new beginning and do my best with it.

Although this is just the beginning of my story, I by no means am fully put together yet. I still require tons more glue to fill in the pieces and more lives to inspire me. I am still slowly finding out who I am and who I want to be. I do know though what I don't want to be. But don't we all? It seems we all focus on things we don't want before the things we do. 

Maly Xx.

4 little voices:

~Abby~ said...

I love youuuuu Maly. :)
This means a lot.

Anonymous said...

You made me freaking cry.
Made me cry.
ILY sweetie


mollie.mae said...

psht love yeah you better not get sappy, I'll punch you out :P thanks love

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

*flashes a really big charming smile


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