Monday, October 4, 2010

Easy A...

Mollie and I just went to see Easy A and it was really good! It was way better than I expected and Olive is an amazingly witty, smart and funny character. And who doesn't love Mr. Penn Badgley? The movie is definitely worth watching! But be warned for someone who doesn't appreciate a good wacky, smart and witty character will find the movie on the boring side. And luckily I appreciate a good wacky character with that ride home ;) haha
Maly Xx.

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healy said...

If Easy A isn't on your must-see list, put it there. Easily one of the most entertaining movies of 2010 - and yes, I'm serious - this one works on so many levels, it's almost necessary to see it twice to fully appreciate what director Gluck and screenwriter Bert V Royal do with this charming tale that touches on peer pressure, double standards, and the impact one little lie can have on your reputation. Like John Hughes' best films, Easy A isn't a 'teen film' but a film that everyone can relate to, no matter your age or sex.

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Yeah exactly! lol :)


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