Friday, October 1, 2010

"You're stuck on me and my laughing eyes"

This one goes out to my friends. The girls who get me in hysterics daily, accept me with open arms, those who are responsible for keeping me going. You truly mean the world to me and every smile I receive, every laugh I hear (or read) and every time you are there for me you make my world just a little bit brighter. 
This one is for Mollie Moo, The sisters, I honestly don't know what I would do without you guys in my life. It's also for Possum who gives us endless amounts of amusement but is also kind of great, Eryn who comes with an abundance of good times, Stace the one with a million surprises and Tayla for always being the one constant amazing, reliable person who I will love forever and always (I promise!) and it's for Shauna, Lorren and Steph.
And I'd like to say it's to you as well, you bloggers really do make my soul smile! It's something so indescribable but I know that you get it.

Thank you friends,
Maly Xx.

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sabine cara said...

what a lovely post :)
it's so nice to have so many friends that make you smile!
xo scarzz


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