Friday, November 26, 2010

20 things Seli may or may not know about Maly...

So I had a challenge from my 'special sis' Seli to make a list of 20 things about me and vice versa to see how much we know about each other. And these were just the first 20 that came to mind. I thought my obsessions didn't need mentions, I know she knows all about them. 
I hope you enjoy learning a little about me :)
Maly prefers rain to sunshine.
Maly was born in Canada.
Maly has full conversations with not just other people in her head, but with herself as well. 
Maly has an addiction to coffee.
Maly's wardrobe contains a majority of dresses to a minority of anything else.
Maly's mum's name is Dawn.
Maly has a Nokia E71.
Maly go's to a public school.
Maly drools over ANY boy who can play a guitar.
Maly has only one blood sister, and two very special 'sisters'.
Maly's best friends name is Mollie.
Maly lives south of Adelaide, South Australia.
Maly prefers swimming in a pool to the beach but can't get past the beauty of the beach.
Maly sometimes lies on the pavers outside her bedroom at night and watches the stars.
Maly went to see Paramore live in October.
Maly has a passion for music and singing.
Maly wants a tattoo on her left wrist saying believe, just to always remind her that anything is possible.
Maly can't help but be nice to people, this sometimes leads to being disappointed.
Maly is a babbler. 
Maly is a dreamer.

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Anonymous said...


~Abby~ said...

Maly I love the picture. :)
Team Sunshine!
Whoooaa didn't know you were born in Canada!

And Maly is awesome. :)


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

You know everytime I mention being born in Canada you say you didnt know XD you goooba!
hehe Thanks I took it like 3 years ago! I had long hair! :)


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