Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seven Things Saturday...

  • Parent Trap is (was) airing on television tonight and I am really excited about it! 
  • I wore my Paramore T-shirt today.
  • Canada was so much fun!
  • I'm glad to be home in Australia with normal accents...
  • But I'm now a week into year 11!
  • My first week back at school was so long I thought it would never end.
  • This is a new feature on 7things to make sure we post 7things at least once a week!

3 little voices:

Brookie said...

sounds cool! i hate when weeks feel like there never gonna end...

Shay said...

yayy! your back, I've missed you!

~Abby~ said...

Sounds like a pretty good Saturday! :)
I love the Parent Trap..
and Paramore..
and you! ♥

Hey, I made a post! :)



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