Monday, April 18, 2011

7 facts about Elephants...

Girls Rule

Elephants live in a structured social order. The females spend their entire lives in tightly knit family groups made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts. These groups are led by the eldest female, or matriarch. Adult males, on the other hand, live mostly solitary lives.

Look at You
Along with dolphins, apes, and humans, elephants are among the only animals known to recognize their reflections in a mirror.

My, You Have a Lovely Singing Voice
Elephants are capable of vocal mimicry. A 10-year-old orphaned elephant in Kenya, who lives in semicaptivity about 3 km from a busy highway, has adapted her call so it sounds like the moving trucks she hears on the road.

Have You Herd?
A group of elephants is called a "herd," a "parade," or even a "memory." 

Labor Pains
Elephants are pregnant for nearly 2 years, the longest gestation of any land animal, and newborn elephant calves typically weigh 260 lbs. and stand just under 3 ft. at the shoulder. Two more reasons we're happy we're not elephants.

Tusk Appeal
Not all elephants have tusks, and it's not necessarily a male-female thing. In Asian elephants, only males have tusks, but both male and female African elephants are tusked. However, due to the hunting pressure on tusked animals brought about by poaching for ivory, tusklessness is an increasingly common condition in African elephants.

Gettin' Trunky
The elephant's trunk has about 15,000 muscles, and it takes baby elephants quite some time to learn to master its use. The trunk combines both nose and upper lip and transforms them into a single powerful organ that is able to touch, grasp and smell. It is strong enough to uproot a tree, sensitive enough to pick up a pea-sized fruit from the ground, and long enough to reach foliage high in the trees. The trunk is also used to drink by sucking up water and squirting it into the mouth. Finally, elephants use their trunks for greeting, caressing, threatening, and throwing dust over the body.


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