Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally my holiday photos...

Maly's adventures in Vancouver, Canada.
Maly with Starbucks = happy Maly

They had a christmas lights competition all over town 

The famous Steam Clock in Gas Town

Hanging out at Stanley Park enjoying the views and trying to keep warm!

The view was better without her face in the way ;)

For an Aussie it's really exciting to see icy grass!

We went on a bit of a crazy hike down the a secluded beach...

Found a cool graffiti covered... thing

And got home covered in mud! (Note: This is before the mud)

The cutest sign for the ski lift

We took a lunch break from skiing and as we sat down outside to eat (the dinning room was packed and we didn't feel like trying to find a table) it started snowing on us! This is my sisters hair with pretty snowflakes in it.

This is the only picture I got of the mountain, I was having too much fun making a fool of myself skiing.

Snowman attempt #1

Snowman attempt #2 the next morning, yeah I'm wearing pajamas...

But never fear I changed when we walked down to the park to toboggan.

My angelic second cousin having a very special fourth birthday. We went for High Tea and manicures, it was adorable.

The cutest and yummiest food I've ever eaten!

We went to see a Vancouver Canucks game! I don't really know the virst thing about hockey but it was really exciting and we brought foam fingers too!

I got these pretty pictures of the view of downtown Vancouver  on a last minute trip to find souvenirs and a suitcase on  the day we left. It was the perfect last day.

Our attempt at taking a photo through the binoculars

We were lucky enough to catch the beautiful sunrise through the windows at Auckland airport
So there we have it, nowhere near half of my photos and hardly any of my stories but it gives you a bit of an idea about the trip. 

Maly Xx.

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