Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo diary...

The weekend

Mum and I enjoyed the circular Quay and Darling Harbour.
Well the Sydney Harbour Bridge of course.

The lobby of the ladies room in a refurbished old shopping centre. It was so pretty.

Some creepy ass horse mannequin in Myers. This photo was taken purely to scare my best friend who is terrified of mannequins and loves horses.
 Day 1 at Dolly, Monday
I got caught up in the day and only managed a photo of my outfit in the morning. (excuse my stupid expressions in any photos of me)
 Day 2 at Dolly, Tuesday
On the way back into the hostel after finishing at Dolly for the day and doing a little bit of shopping...

The huge pile of homework I have to get through this week. Mainly art/design stuff which of course takes forever and requires me to be creative. eugh.
The dinning hall was bizarrely empty at dinnertime tonight. 

Eating dinner and doing some homework. I sure am a multi-tasker. Just fyi that pasta tasted so much better than it looks!
Love, love, love Xx.

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