Monday, November 14, 2011


Some priceless things that make me happy:
This is a list that is an instant mood improver!
  • The sun
  • Laughing
  • The Stars
  • Finishing an amazing book
  • Finding new music
  • Summer breezes
  • Summer rain
  • Beach Walks
  • The sound of waves
  • Light conversation late at night with good friends
  • Covers of Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Just relaxing
  • Swinging in a hammock
  • Spring
  • Thunderstorms
  • The moon
  • The smell of rain
  • Finishing or accomplishing something
  • The snow
  • Memories linked to photos
  • Reminiscing
  • Having a drawing turn out well
  • Getting along really well with someone
  • My best mates and all that comes along with them
  • Smiles
  • Contagious laughs
  • Banter
  • Not caring what everyone thinks, not the be confused with not caring what anyone thinks
  • The smell of daisy by Marc Jacobs
  • Fangirling
  • Movie days
  • Getting a subscription in the mail
  • Getting a letter in the mail
  • Fairy lights and paper lanterns
  • Christmas tress
  • Surprises
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Being organized
  • Sticky notes
  • Inside jokes

  • finding more and more things to put on this list! ♥

What things make you happy?

2 little voices:

♥Abby said...

I love ALL of those things, besides #19....
the snow..EW!
Love the photos :) I want that camera in the first one!

Have a lovely week =)


Louisejoyb said...

I love lists like these, I keep intending on making a book of things that make me smile to look through when I'm feeling down!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs


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