Sunday, November 6, 2011

The promise of summer...

 Do you know those weekends that you don't do anything of much importance but somehow feel special?
 Well I've had one of those. I worked during the day, went to the beach with my friends in the evening and didn't do much of anything else. 
 I think it's the promise of summer lingering in the air that has made it feel so nice. It is exhilarating and enchanting.

 There's a promise of warm days and memories ahead.

 Promises of days with family, hours upon hours with friends. People that have an importance.

 Most of all, no more school. No more procrastinating or overdue assignments, way less stress and time spent with the people you want to see!

And for those of you coming up to winter, enjoy this lovely time of the year. Sometimes there is nothing more magical than a wintery day.
Maly Xx.

2 little voices:

♥Abby said...

AGH. This makes happy and depressed at the same time. I hate winter with a passion, I wish it was summer again :(
Love these pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!


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