Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi everybody :) how are you?

Hi everybody :) how are you?

I have invited my friend Mollie to write on 7things with me. She is great, I love her and she is an amazing writer. 

The reason she is joining me and not making her own blog is because we have no idea what to call it, what the overall theme should be and it's all just very vague.

So it's going to be really fun to have her here with me in a sort of KerriandEva style.
Mollie is tall, has dark brown hair, loves horses, Paramore and reading. She is my bestest Pally and we often have scoffing fights. She rocks out to Demi and T-swizzle. 

4 little voices:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mollie and Maly!
LOL it's M 'n' M!
Welcome to blogger Mollie, can't wait to hear more from you- if you love T-Sweezy and Demi, you are definitely cool in my books


mollie.mae said...

Haha yeah it's good to be here thanks.


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

yea our names rhyme coz we r cool like that haha

~Abby~ said...

Hi Mollie. :) Can't wait to read from you.


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