Friday, April 16, 2010

Compliments galore...

So how many of you know about national compliments day? You probably wont if you don't live in Australia, You probably will if you read Girlfriend. 

"How often do we take the time to tell people we know what we like and admire about them?"  

"National Compliments Day (16 April 2010) encourages Australians to reflect on what we value about each other. Founded by Girlfriend magazine and supported by headspace and SUPRÉ, National Compliments Day aims to combat issues such as bullying and body image by promoting the importance of giving and receiving positive feedback."

Via Headspace

So why should you pay a compliment?
  • Because to often we assume that the people we love know that you do love them and why you love them. I know I often wonder about the qualities that keep my friends by my side and the ones that keep others at bay.
  • It has the potential to make someone's day. Think about the last compliment you got, how great did it feel?
  • It can make you feel really great. You'll get a nice warm fuzzy feeling.
  • Hopefully you don't have to think to hard to remember the last compliment you got. Sure we get the daily ones like I like your hair today, your post was great they are good but I'm talking about the ones that really make you smile; that brighten your day and make you feel loved. So next time you think about how much you love the crazy ways of your best friend just straight-out tell them.
  • Don't stop complimenting when it strikes midnight though and make sure your compliments are sincere because people can sniff out fakes real fast.
So I am signing off with I respect and love each and everyone of you that reads 7things. I think you are all so amazing, intriguing and unique. For me you make the sun shine everyday.

"To the world you are one person; to one person you are the world" 

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~Abby~ said...

Yes Maly, thanks for telling me on twitter, cause I would've never known!
I ♥ my Australian buddies!


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