Friday, April 16, 2010

Why we ask...

I got tagged by the lovely Author Gabrielle of the great music blog Music and the lyrics of my life to do the why/because tag...

1. The person who tags you gives you 5 "Why" questions
2. You make up a "because" answer. It doesn't have to be correct. For example, if the question is "Why is the sky blue" you can answer "Because it used to be yellow until a nuclear explosion changed it to blue". Just make the answer creative!
3. Then, make up 5 why questions for the people you tag to answer
4. Tag someone

Why does the piano have 88 keyes?
Because the inventor didn't want to make his intentions about making it just for me obvious by putting my favorite number of keys on it.Why do people like kissing when, if you think about it, it's totally disgusting?
Because everyone believes in fairytales deep down inside <3Why do people in the marketing buisness say "That person is kind of green" when they really mean that person is inexperienced?
Because they knew I'd have no Idea what you are talking about haha sorry...
Why is it so common for people to like their friend's brothers or sisters when it causes such unnessicary awkwardness?
Because they are mostly just like their friends (Sorry not very creative but it's my theory) therefore they have found someone they know they'll like...Why do authors write such long books these days compared to 100 years ago?

Well I always thought the bible etc. were pretty big books...

Sorry for the terrible answers. If you want me to tag some people shoot me a comment and I will make up some questions...

4 little voices:

That-girl said...

I think the answer to "Why do people in the marketing buisness say "That person is kind of green" when they really mean that person is inexperienced?" is cause a vegie or fruit isn't ripe when it is green, so he inexperianced person is green, if that makes sense :D

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Haha yea it kinda does
its just iv never heard anyone use that term before... lol

mollie.mae said...

ahah Christina used it on me Maly.

Anonymous said...

haha funny answers.. and about the brother sister like thing i think tht u like ur brother and sister because u no u have to i sometimes tell my sister tht if i ddnt no her i'd prbbly never talk to her or even like her she tells me the same haha.



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