Thursday, April 8, 2010

This ones a tag guys...

So Toongen wasn't bothered to tag anyone so I jumped in and did it anyway because I love this tag :)

1) Go on your desktop.
2) Open a folder with pictures in it, any folder.
3) Close your eyes.
4) Click on a picture.
5) Tell the story behind that picture. If you don't have one, make it up!
6) Tag anyone you want.

:D One of the best days ever. 
So this photo was taken in Phuket when we went sea kayaking. 
So there's this little story  behind my trip to phuket. 
In June last year I went to Phuket with 20 other people. We all went for my Aunty Mandy's 40th birthday. 
On the plane on the way there we wore T-shirts she had made up that said 'Mandy's 40th Phuket Posse' on the front and everyones names on the back. They were all in bright colours and we probably looked like losers. :)
So one of the things we did while we were there was go on a sea kayaking trip that went from lunchtime until after sunset and it was the most amazing thing ever. We rode around on them all day, jumped off boats, went in bat caves, saw glowing plankton stuff and made offerings. I also picked up the nick name of Marisa and my cousin Lachie is now stuck with Rockie because we were partners on our kayak and that is how our instructo pronounced our names. (I am defiantly expecting blank looks right about now.)
Amazing memories. ❤

I want to do another one aswell :)

Friends and I mucking around on photo booth on my computer :D

Maly xx.

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Toongen said...

Well I'm glad someone took the tag.

Xoxo.. Toongen..


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