Monday, June 14, 2010

'I'm moving in reverse under your mighty curse.'

There was a dare somewhere along the lines by someone arother. I'm sure that if you don't know what I'm talking about that is normal.

I am making a list of things. More than 7 things because I have more than 7 things I need to put on this one.

The shit I need to get together...

  • My homework! haha which I should be doing as I type right now.
  • Get inspired.
  • I need to write songs. I can't seem to do this.
  • Write when something pops into my head instead of keeping so much crap up there that I start to freak out. 
  • Buy myself a guitar.
  • Learn guitar
  • Learn piano
  • Stock up on beautiful warm clothes for my trip to Canada
  • Let go once in a while. Do something crazy.
  • Stop holding back when something makes me mad.
  • Stop holding back on anything.
  • Start actually doing the exercise schedule I set up.
  • Do something with my hair. It bores me.
  • Eat more fruit. 
  • Eat fruit altogether. 
  • Be able to sing in front of people -like my mum.
  • Celebrate about never ever having to do the subject science again after tomorrow!
  • Stop thinking I'm the centre of the universe.
  • Stop writing this list. I am perfect just as I am. 
  • Pshh yeah but some things can always need improving.
  • Tell all the amazing people who read this stupid list that they are just that: Amazing.

1 little voices:

~Abby~ said...

yes i keep wayyyy too much stuff in my head...now i just use my "notepad" in my phone! tee hee.
haha i eat TOO much fruit.
aw thanks.:) lol.


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