Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 Things

7 things I love about being the last one awake at night time.

1. The house is still and silent
2. I can stay up as late as I like
3. I can listen to music really really loud
4. The cool TV are on and I get the telly to myself
5. I can think all I like without being interrupted.
6. I get to have conversations with my mum whilst she's still asleep
7. I can drink milk from the bottle without being watched.

7 little voices:

Rosie Melville said...

I agree with all of them (although replace milk with orange juice!) I love love love staying up late and lucky for me my family love going to bed early, so I always get the house to myself for a few hours :)

Alkyoni said...

You know, these are some pretty good damn reasons to be up later than everyone. I just hate the morning after. :P

J.Cee said...

Love this! Don't forget the booze lol. I'm the last one up too!

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

/shakes head

Shannon said...

I love when your the only one up and thehouse is all quiet. favorite time of all.


Anonymous said...

I hate being the last awake. The house is so lonely and sad. It feels emtpy like there is no life but I am a person who always wants to be with people I hate having time to myself.

landel said...

haha you make me love you. Funny but it really bite me lol well I do movie marathon, call someone and chit chat, drink a decaffeinated coffee not milk (don't know) talk to myself, plan blah blah=)


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