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Hi there amazing, beautiful, wonderful followers, all 80 of you! I bring to you our 500th post! And with our 500th post comes over 5000 views and over 1000 comments, that just blows my mind (and blows me again ;) -for all those Xfactor watchers) I still CANNOT BELIEVE that 80 people want to read me babble on about stuff for 500 posts!
Mollie and I had planned on making a vlog for this but, well it didn't turn out so great. But eventually we will make one for you we promise! I did figure however what a better way to celebrate this great post then by telling you all about the Paramore concert. Now our pictures aren't the best so I will put other peoples ones in too. Like friends of ours that went and Kerri and Eva's and some I found here

First things first, this is the photo I got from Paramore.net that Hayley put up of their view of the Adelaide Entertainment centre. We were sitting in the lot of seats to the right of the middle and we were 5 rows in.
And this was our view waaay before Paramore came on.

Now I will take you through step by step. (These are all my own photo's)
 When we found out Paramore were coming to Adelaide we completely freaked and I made sure mum was online ordering tickets at 9 sharp the day they went on sale!
 We received our tickets and decided we were going to make our own t-shirts for the show.

 On the day we couldn't be more excited, or maybe we could have. It seemed so surreal that we were going to see Paramore right there before our eyes and hear Hayley's amazing voice booming through our ears!

 We got off of school at lunch and walked to my house to get ready. Then when my mum got off work she drove us into town which takes around an hour and we got straight in without having to line up!

 When we found our seats we were so stocked, we had really good seats! Sure were weren't mere feet away from the stage but there was something really cool about being able to see the whole show rather than just the stage.
There were 2 support bands before Paramore. The first was a 3-man-band from Auckland, New Zealand with a drummer who reminded me of the cadbury ad's and a hyperactive singer who threw a lot of things at each other and a third guy who wasn't visible making the 'little funny noises'. Hayley made an appearance as the Iron (wo)man playing drums for Jury and the saints in Dynamite too. They were great and we loved their cover of Taio cruz's Dynamite. They also made me think about Seli with their Auckland accents! The second band was Relient K and I knew a whole 2 of their songs and the girls didn't know any. So we took advantage of the small lines and took a loo break and brought some drinks.
One of my faves
Another of my faves
This is a dud photo because I took it as the lights flashed but I quite like it anyway.
They came on with Ignorance as their first song and did a string of amazing songs from all 3 of their albums. After delivering Decode without a flaw there was a bit of a blackout and we saw Hayley and Josh emerge and make their way to the left to play none other than You Ain't Woman Enough as a tribute to their hometown Nashville.
They then moved off to meet Zac, Taylor and Jeremy on a couch in the middle of the stage to do an acoustic set which they wanted the crowd to sing even louder. 
 Hayley then wanted us all on our feet for the next part of the show saying You know, I realise that there are seats but I figure they’re just decorations. And if, if they’re not just decorations then let me tell you what they really are - they’re not there to keep you comfortable, that’s for sure. They’re there to catch you when you fall.. So, let me just stand here as long as I have to, until every single one of you are on your feet. to try convince everyone to stand up. We then got to hear CrushCrushCrush, Pressure and Looking Up (I was really excited they did this one) Hayley then formally introduced the band with Josh introducing her when she was done. They then played their 'last' song The Only Exception and left the stage after a blaze of fireworks. The crowd went mental at that point. I am talking screaming through a throat so sore it feels you'll never talk again, lungs screaming with pain and for all those that were in the mosh I'm sure jumping through the endless bruises and aching limbs. It was pure ear shattering madness for what felt like 20 minutes but in reality was more towards 2 minutes.
Finally they appeared back on stage for the encore and we all breathed a sigh of relief but quickly realised things were about to get so much more crazy! They played 2 more songs Brick by Boring Brick and Misery Business, the 2 songs we had been waiting for all night long! The energy levels just hit the roof and we forgot any plans of recording videos or taking photos, they were truly amazing. Hayley even pulled a girl from the crowd up on stage with her to do Miz Biz (we have or suspicions it was staged lol) and ended with beautiful bright red confetti in true Paramore style. In all it was an amazing night that I will remember forever!

Now if you want to see some video's you will find Hayley getting the crowd excited here You Ain't Woman Enough and When it rains here CrushCrushCrush here but please excuse the occasional yelling from me!

And just coz I can, we will now look at some other peoples photo's from the night!
haha I love Jeremy (and Josh ;)
We are Paramore!

Thank you so much for being a follower or even just a reader! It means so much to us. So go look at our new independant blogs Simplistic Intentions and The Book Of Me.
Love us ♥

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Shannon said...

I loved this it sounds amazing!!! And i have a question how/where did you get the interactive pictures i really like the Lea Michele one at the end!!


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Well I only just figured out how they work in blogger. I find them on tumblr (they're called Gif's instead of jpeg's) and just save them to your computer and upload them like a normal picture on blogger and voila you've got a moving pic! :) But for some reason they don't work on the sidebars...
MAly Xx.

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute(: looks like you guys had a ton of fun

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 500th Post! I'm looking forward to 500 more (:
And the concert looked Amazing!, I hope you had a fantastic time for me. I want one of those shirts !

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Thank youuu :D haha well I'll just have to make you one! Or you could make one yourself!

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Thank youuu :D haha well I'll just have to make you one! Or you could make one yourself!

~Abby~ said...

NO vlog? :(
Oh well my bitch ass will get over it.
You all did have a good view of everything!
I love the one of Hayley above the words "One of my faves." It's amazing!!! :D
GOOOOOSSSSH that setlist is so amazing! Of course the 2 encore songs were the best(: Haha.
AMAZING SHOW MALY! I'm so glad you all got to go! :)

Congrats on the post and the followers! You deserve all of them plus more! ♥


samantha said...

No vlog? err well lucky you to watched that concert. I love paramore and the lists of songs, wow! It looks like you enjoyed that night. That's what you get lol

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

hehe thank you miss Abby :)
Yeah sorry no vlog but we'll get one up eventually! haha

Sophia said...

I am SO jealous, you can't even imagine. I LOVE PARAMORE SO MUCH! I wish I had the chance to see them live sometime! So happy you had fun (: xo


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