Thursday, January 20, 2011

The little things that make the whole...

Today I believe

  • That appreciating the little things in a day; the simple, sweet and basic, makes your heart feel swell and gives that familiar pull of a smile on your lips.
  • That there is so much magic in what a photograph holds in it's cells.
  • That every now and then it is absolutely fantasmical to get really dressed up and go out for High Tea and Manicures.
  • That licking the icing bowl is the best treat.
  • That reading blogs like Laura Marie's, Kerri and Eva's, Notebook Doodles make me feel uber sophisticated.
  • That living out of a suitcase can only be fun for so long.
  • That being in the city feels right but nothing beats seeing stars in the night sky.
  • That I miss my mummy.
  • That 2011 will bring with it an amazing journey.
  • That I really can survive without Milo.

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