Friday, January 21, 2011

So here I go again...

As I'm sure I've mentioned quite a few times I am a fan of a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Sydney who's name is Tom Jordan. Now you see he put an amazing album out a couple years ago and now he's just debuted his new song 'Say Ok" on Just Jared Jr. So go have a listen! If you want more go have a look at his youtube page or get his album off itunes
Now that advertisement is over we can move on to other things...
This blog is over a year old now and unfortunately I was too busy to celebrate my blogiversity properly but when I get home I have some plans to change a few things and of course do a really good 1 year post (we can just pretend it was on the 14th) I honestly cannot believe it's been a year, absolute madness.

Just to let you know as well my blog partners (from Just Another Little Blog Of Epic 7 Things) have been doing some switcheroo's with their own blogs. Abby has decided that she hasn't got enough time to blog anymore, she is one busy girl, and she deleted her blog. She feels really bad about letting everyone down because she promised a 1 year post. As for Sel her blog is still around, it's changed location it's now here and is going through renovations but if you miss her too much you can find her on tumblr.
Until later, Maly Xx.

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~Abby~ said...

Um...love the Spongebob picture :)



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