Sunday, March 27, 2011


Have you ever noticed the way humans like to do things the same way each time? 
We sit in the same seat, at the same table, order the same things. We have our routines that we don't like to change. We are creatures of habit. 
Most of these things we don't even notice, it's second nature, an unwritten rule. We go through our days, weeks, months doing the same things, then we realise we haven't been living our lives, instead just living the motions of our lives. Some people refer to that as being in a rut and I can see why because you start to feel stuck. 
It's a loop of the same routine, the same thoughts, endlessly until something shakes your view and you can see clearly again. 
Then all thats left to do is shake the rut, change the routine, do something new. 
Or at least thats the way it works with me...

'Don't ask me where I'll go cause frankly I don't know. And I don't give a shit. Cause we're teenager and we don't know anything.'

Maly Xx. 

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Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

You're absolutely right.

We're creatures of habit, we don't like change because it makes us feel awkward. Of course, there are people who embrace it but well, those people are exceptional human beings.

Anonymous said...


~Abby~ said...

It makes us feel like a place in the world. And it's our comfort zone. I hate when people constantly complain when they travel. They complain about the "different" food, people, places, surroundings, etc... If they'd stop complaining they could see there's a whole world out there and they might learn something.

Btw, commented on that big post with all of the pictures. :)



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