Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seven Things Saturday...

I have purple hair.
I finished watching season 5 of Charmed this morning. 
I just realised it's officially Autumn.
I'm looking for good books to read. (suggestions=love)
Somehow schools been back for a month, when did that happen?!
I am listening to All We'd Ever Need by Lady Antebellum.
I am going to do some drawing today.

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~Abby~ said...

AHHHHH purple hair?!?! :D

I promise, this is the best book I've EVER read!!! Read it! It's called "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.

I wish it was autumn here. :/ It's so rainy and yucky.

Take some pictures of your beautiful drawings love so we can see! :)



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