Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phone fun...

So because I have a lack of ideas for posts I thought I'd share with you some of my phone pictures...
Theses clouds were amazing and the sun was streaming through them and lighting up the whole ocean, it was beautiful.

This is my feet before Mollie and I saw Sex and the City 2 :)

Some braids I did at my V.E.T. Hairdressing course.

This is my practice of the tattoo I want to get...

My sister went on one of those big trampolines at the shops a couple weeks ago.

I finally got around to making my photo heart but I didn't have enough photos to fill it in.

I was excited when I saw a name I know in here :)

My Paramore ticket! :D

This is the coat I wanted (the second one from the right) but they didn't have any of my size left and I was dev'd. Has anyone; preferably in Aus, seen a similar one around because I need a coat for Canada!

There was a really pretty sunset the other night when I was walking unfortunately my phone camera is a little on the crummy side and wouldn't give me a good picture.

A bit of my very dismal book collection and my elephants! :D

Guess what... it's my birthday in 6 days... I'm turning 16 for those of you who don't know and I'm a little nervous about getting my L's. Not about the test necessarily, I'm more nervous about the driving.
I'm sorry for this very useless and random post.

I will be back in full blogging abilities on Sunday when my internet changes over. Until then try not to miss me too much ;)

Maly Xx.

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~Abby~ said...

Ha I'm always taking pictures of the pretty clouds & nature. :D
Oooohh pretty braids!
I want to get a tatoo like that, but one that says "Just Dance." :)
I've always wanted to do that trampoline thing! :/
Ah that is a pretty photo heart!
That is so cool Georgie's name was in there!
SO Malykins I will be gone ALL weekend on a camping trip to Kentucky (the state below us) and my parents are taking off Monday so I can't talk then! So I will tty Tuesday, bright & early! (Well late for you. Haha.)

P.S. Sorry for this long ass comment! But I had so much to comment on. Haha:D

Francesca said...

No, I liked this post! I really like that coat, but I haven't seen one around like it. Besides, I don't live in Australia. :/
And I love that photo heart!

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

:D Thank Francesca!

Naww Abby that sucks! But I will talk to you on tuesday <3
And faaaaaaanx!

Maly Xx.


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